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Do you provide services outside of the Cheshire area? 2018-09-05T10:14:12+00:00

Yes, but always ask us for further information.

What if I need a short term employee or someone just to cover for holidays? 2018-09-06T08:28:00+00:00

We can supply candidates for this purpose – we will need to know in advance so we have time to find appropriate contenders – and of course we will need to know their duties so that we can find someone suitable. Ask us for more information.

Short term employees are defined as positions for a time period of no longer than 3 months.

Can I sign a contract via the internet? 2018-08-29T10:31:34+00:00

No – we have to makes sure that we understand your needs so that we can secure the right candidate for you. Therefore we will require a face to face meeting to establish your requirements.

Who employs the home helper? 2018-08-29T10:32:00+00:00

The home helper is always employed by the client/family and the client signs the contact with them directly. Before signing the contract the client should present a clear job description with tasks and duties, as well as details of working conditions so that the Agency can present and discuss these with suitable candidates.

What are the working hours for a live-in employee? 2018-08-29T10:32:25+00:00

A full time position is usually 50 hours per week

Where do the candidates come from? 2018-08-29T10:32:49+00:00

Most of the candidates are from Poland because of our connections, but we welcome all reliable, hardworking candidates.

Should I provide all food and accommodation for the candidate? 2018-08-29T10:33:14+00:00

Yes – it is a requirement of all live-in positions that the candidate is provided with their own bedroom and that the family includes the candidates food requirements in their weekly shopping.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my live-in employee? 2018-08-29T10:34:15+00:00

Let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing any doubts or have any problems with any aspects/duties your home helper is carrying out. This way we can work with you and the candidate to address the areas you are unhappy with, with a view to correcting things to your satisfaction. If however after this process you are still unhappy we will replace the candidate for someone more suited to your family and home.

If it is related to interpersonal skills where you feel the candidate is the wrong personality for your family we will work with you to identify the right replacement candidate.