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Dear Reader,

Arriving in Britain several years ago, I started work initially in the role of Senior Carer but over time my role changed to that of housekeeper with the same family. I also recruited candidates to replace me during my holidays to make sure the family had the right cover whilst I was away.

Working with people has always given me a lot of satisfaction, which is why I have focused on this kind of work throughout my career.

After graduating from the University of Krakow I qualified as a teacher and worked in primary schools.

Later in my career I worked for an international insurance company AIG in a customer service role – so I have learned the principles of high standards of customer service.

This combined experience has led me to the step of creating my own recruitment Agency to share my knowledge and hands on know-how with other people who need similar support.

I can relate to the clients’ perspective from my own personal experience finding an assistant for my loved one, so I am well aware of how hard such a decision can be, as well the inevitable doubts involved and the mutual trust needed to take such a step.

I absolutely believe that work cannot only be a duty, but also a joy – and this is the very first and the most important rule that our agency follows.

Warmest Wishes

“If you want to see a rainbow, you have to learn to like rain”

Paulo Coelho