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Each family is rare and unique, as are the expectations they have for their new household member. We will make sure that we only offer candidates that meet the families’ brief in terms of experience and expectations.

When searching for a Nanny, Housekeeper or a Senior Companion carer, we want them to be a part of the team we create together – and we will always have the interests of your family at the heart of what we do.

Our offer consists of two types of candidates in terms of experience.

The first group are highly qualified employees with years of experience, excellent references and good English skills.

We have suitable, experienced candidates for families looking for the following types of positions – Nanny, Housekeeper or a mixed role Nanny/Housekeeper – all working on a sole charge basis taking complete responsibility for what they do.

This type of candidate can be a perfect solution if parents work long hours or are away from home a lot. The Nanny role will take full responsibility for the overall care of your child. Similarly a Housekeeper can be a life saver for busy families who value having a perfectly run house to come home to after a long, stressful day.

Or you can choose the option of a mixed role which covers both sets of daily duties combined into one.

The second group of candidates are people without previous documented experience in specific home-help roles, but who are highly motivated to work hard and who have acquired many relevant skills when taking care of their own households.

Our experience proves that these people perform very well as a Mother’s Help to share child care with the parents, as well as in the role of Companion Carer for elderly people who still live independently but need support with domestic tasks and welcome companionship on a day to day basis. With time, these people are not just employees but become a valued part of the family.

All of our candidates are personality interviewed by us, have verified references, a clear criminal record and first aid courses.

We also offer support funding towards extra training if required – for example if candidates need to take a first aid course we will fund this, or we will fund extra English lessons for candidates who need to improve their communication skills.

We believe the experience of having that extra pair of hands will not only help you in your home on a practical level, but will also bring you joy and most importantly will give you the gift of more free time.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”

Marc Anthony