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We will work together with you to find the ideal candidate to join your family. In order to achieve this, we carry out the recruitment process with the utmost care so that we meet all of your expectations, practical needs and so that we gain your trust.

With this in mind, each client will have a dedicated personal consultant who will be responsible for finding the best result for them.

We are fully aware that you entrust our domestic helpers with what you care for the most: your children, your loved ones, your pets and your homes. Taking live-in employees can be stressful especially in the beginning. We understand this and will work with you and the candidate to help create the perfect team. Our personal experience is invaluable in achieving the right placement for each individual family.

The employee search process is a personal selection service. Finding the right live-in candidate usually takes between one and five weeks and should be a rewarding experience for both families and candidates.

To make sure you are comfortable that the chosen candidate is the best person for the position, we offer a trial period with every placement.

Before signing a contract you will be able to choose the preferred package to fit your needs and your budget: we offer you a selection of options ranging from standard, Silver and Gold (please click here for information on packages and fees).

We will be available throughout the whole process and employment period to provide help and support to both you and the candidate and to answer any questions that may arise.

“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it”

Mother Teresa